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Isaac’s Asphalt Paving is a full-service contractor situated in Georgetown, Delaware, that specializes in all asphalt paving services, from overlays to asphalt sealing. Asphalt is used in commercial and residential facilities for parking lots, driveways, walking walkways, and miniature highways. When property owners require paving, resurfacing, or maintenance, they rely on us to complete the work.

Asphalt Paving Construction

As a business owner, it is critical to understand how this procedure is carried out correctly in order to ensure that the project is completed to standards and has the durability to endure on your site for a long time.

If any of the preceding procedures are skipped and the foundation layer is uneven when the new pavement is installed, cracks will appear soon. Furthermore, the surface will not seem clean and will not be smooth.

Don’t rely on construction crews that don’t guide you through the procedure. If any of these processes are lacking, the pavement will not seem clean nor will it be lasting. Pavement layers that are well-crafted are crucial for any business’s land since they make your property seem and feel professional.

You can rely on our skilled team at Isaac’s Asphalt Paving to supply you with industry-compliant paving solutions. Furthermore, our pleasant team will walk you through the procedure, making it simple and comprehensible.

After installing and compacting hot mix asphalt to the proper thickness, a roller is used to produce a seamless transition from the new patch to the surrounding asphalt.

If the exposed base rock beneath the asphalt has to be addressed, now is the time to base up these places to provide an equal patching surface. To guarantee asphalt adherence, a coat or tack, or asphalt emulsion, is placed to the surface.

Asphalt repairs are required for a variety of reasons. Identifying the cause of asphalt damage is the first step in any asphalt repair operation. This is often evident, such as when tree roots have

burst through the surface or corrosive substances like hydraulic fluid have eaten away at the asphalt. Other times, poor drainage has resulted in pools of stagnant water, which can eventually harm the asphalt.

When repairing asphalt, a greater area around the pothole or depression is saw-cut and removed first.

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Asphalt Overlays and Repairs

A fresh layer of asphalt may quickly and efficiently restore the appearance of your parking lot or highway. Increasing the thickness of your current asphalt surfaces improves structural stability and offers a smooth, uniform finish. An overlay occurs when new asphalt is placed directly on top of old asphalt surfaces. Furthermore, asphalt can be laid on top of a sufficiently compacted DOT-approved base rock. Prior to installing new base rock, areas that are currently grass, concrete, or paver bricks can be dug.

The first stage in every asphalt paving job is to lay down a suitable surface for the new asphalt.

This might entail filling any low-lying parts or existing potholes with base rock, removing and storing any automobile stops, or cleaning the area of any waste or debris. Furthermore, any transition areas may need to be cut down, and existing drainage infrastructure may need to be altered to accommodate the height shift of the new layer of asphalt. After properly preparing the area, a layer of tack, or asphalt emulsion, is put to the surface to assure asphalt adherence. An asphalt paving machine next applies an even layer of hot mix asphalt before compacting it with a vibrating steel-drum roller.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt millings, also known as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), are made from previously removed and crushed asphalt projects. Asphalt millings are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than virgin asphalt, which is why more people are turning to this option, particularly for residential construction. Depending on the nature of your project, asphalt millings may provide some distinct advantages over standard gravel or asphalt. That doesn’t imply it’s the best solution for your project.

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