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Asphalt seal coatings for asphalt driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces is the process of spreading a liquid substance over an existing asphalt pavement to seal the surface and fill tiny holes and fractures for protection against the weather. Unsealed seal coating for asphalt will progressively harden and oxidize when it is exposed to sunshine, wind, and water, and cracking may develop as it gets more brittle. Sealcoating in Delaware may severely deteriorate over time if it is not sealed on a regular basis.

Many companies and homes perform a seasonal ritual of seal coating to counteract the effects of weathering. Sealing teams are frequent in cooler areas between September and October, where sealing can assist avoid damage from freezing water, salts, and road chemicals. In warmer climes, sunlight and wind are also extremely harmful to asphalt.

Given the expense and environmental concerns, business owners and homeowners are well-advised to ask themselves just how necessary an asphalt seal coating contractor is, and how often they should do it.

We provide an affordable cost for sealing asphalt driveway to our clients. Our high-traffic rubberized Latex Sealer, is a professional protective sealer that can help extend the life of your asphalt and keep it looking new.

With a rate of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and its damaging effects, parking lots in the Georgetown area oxidize (or fade) much quicker. Combat a gray, faded asphalt parking lot with routine sealcoating (we recommend every two to three years), which not only helps protect the pavement, it also provides a jet-black finish.

Isaac’s Asphalt Paving offers a true, two-coat application. This technique requires cure time in between application of the first and second coats. This curing is critical to the overall effectiveness of the procedure. Be sure to allow at least 24 hours before use of the parking lot.

Asphalt-based emulsion sealer is applied using a squeegee or spray method. Air and surface temperature must be 60 degrees and rising.

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How Seal Coating for Asphalt Works?

There are several types of asphalt seal coating material, but all procedures operate by cleaning and mending the existing surface, then covering the whole surface of the asphalt with a liquid sealer that, once dry, provides an impenetrable barrier. The underlying asphalt is shielded from the impacts of water, wind, and sunshine, which may deteriorate and harden the asphalt and cause it to fracture and crumble, if the surface seal layer remains intact.

Benefits of Asphalt Seal Coat Contractors

Asphalt seal coating has distinct benefits as preventive maintenance for asphalt paving:

  • Extends the life of the driveway and parking lot by preventing the asphalt from hardening and crumbling.
  • It creates an attractive, uniform coat over the pavement, especially if crack and holes are properly filled before seal coating is applied.
  • Sealing protects the driveway from salts, chemicals, and moisture from entering the pavement
  • Seal coats are easy to apply squeegees or sprayers; homeowners or small businesses may be able to do this themselves rather than hiring a firm.
  • You will get affordable asphalt and seal coating company services in a cost-effective way of repairing or surfacing the existing pavement, extending the life of the pavement and driveway

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How Frequently Should You Seal Coat for Asphalt?

The asphalt seal coating procedure is typically performed one year after the initial pavement installation to allow for optimum surface cure and wear. Following that, it is advised that driveways and parking lots be seal coated every two to three years for typical use, or every year if the pavement is heavily trafficked.

Your home is a valuable asset and investment. Isaac’s Asphalt Paving offers superior sealcoating services to safeguard the value and beauty of your property. Sealcoating every two years is the best approach to keep your property looking fresh and to protect the asphalt. Call us now for additional information and to receive your FREE quote.

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